By Buffalo Kaplinski

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This area is south of Genoa and I went to Genoa as well. Everywhere I went I found truly wonderful subjects for Plein Air WATERCOLORS. The subjects were not what i usually paint and that's the adventure of taking a trip like this. Every WATERCOLOR you see was done right there and not from Photos. The test of a real ARTIST is do do a painting from a subject right in front of you.

The area of CINQUE TERRA is along the Ocean. The names of towns are: RIOMAGGIORE, MANAROLA, CORNIGLIA, VERNAZZA and MONTEROSSA. My Favorites were VERNAZZA, MANOROLA and RIOMAGGIORE in that order. Most people who go there have their favorites as well.

RICK STEVES from PBS fame does a great job describing each town. The food was very good, the pesto was something I had never had! The olives were outta this world.

I have not painted the ocean or ships or the kinds of subjects like these before - see what you think?