I've been interested in traveling in foreign lands for new subject matter for a long time. The variety of subjects: architecture, land mass, culture, market places and shops has been a vital part of my growth over 40 years now. I really had not considered visiting India until I had talked to people who had been there; most had returned many times. I now will do the same. For a visual artist this is one of the most fantastic places to see. It is also very outrageous! Where else can you see a snake charmer with a king cobra, rising out of a basket while two guys wearing fluorescent turbans lead some camels down the street? A procession of Hindu women going into a temple wearing saris that looks like a color swatch sample of artist's colors. The architecture is quite magnificent and astounding. I found the people were extremely friendly and warm. A lot of positive stories to tell. Read more...

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Red Fort
This was my first WATERCOLOR of trip - a most BEAUTIFUL & EYE ARRESTING SUBJECT - walking distance from our hotel - found a very quiet spot to set up & PAINT - off to a GOOD START!

Jama Masjid Mosque
From the top of our hotel roof, I did a painting of Jama Masjid Mosque (1656) that had a fairy tale look like something out of "Tales from the Arabian Nights".

Sulking Camel
At the Pushkar Festival you see hundreds of these beasts - some are in a GOOD MOOD - this one is SULKING [you can tell by lower lip]. They also make a HOWLIN' NOISE.

Taj Mahal
Our driver Raj took me to a spot that he said only he knew. It was a security point along a dried up river bed. Very peaceful. From a distance you could see crowds of people at the Taj Mahal. To a do a plein air painting of it from the front is impossible - it's overrun with people - overrun might not really describe it. Overwhelmed might be a better word.

Zoological Collection on Hindu Temple
Mandore Gardens, Jodphur, a COMPLEX of ancient Hindu Temples & architecture. The carvings are either Marble or Alabaster. Very stylized & visually SUPERB - go in any direction - Many to choose from.

Jaguar Finial
Mandore Gardens, Jodphur, the BAS RELIEF of the TEMPLE with JAGUAR was a challenge to interpret without going into extreme detail. I admire the "CRAFTSMAN - SCULPTORS" who created the MASTERWORKS! Another great subject from TREASURE TROVE of SUBJECTS from INDIA.

Meharangarth Fort (1459 A.D.) and Ornate Cenotaphs
The fort is visible in Jodphur - everywhere you go. The view that I painted had the EXTREMELY ORNATE CENTOTAPHS in front of it! A most inviting view of contrast between EARTH COLORED MASS and a warm CREME or WHITE DELICATE " SCULPTURE. This was a most difficult subject.

Market Place In Pushkar
My daughter was buying some cloth at a shop and I waited for her. I watched the market in front. Everything seemed "RIGHT" about what goes into a WATERCOLOR and from that vantage point I could work without being in THE FLOW of CROWDS. So I asked the Shopkeeper if it was OK for me to paint and he said YES!

Hindu Temple Complex
Our driver Jack took us here and I must say I was KNOCKED out by the SIZE & INTRACIES of TEMPLE COMPLEX - I decided to do outside ENTRANCE, inside it was too much to comprehend! On the way there Jack stopped at a place he knew about and we were overrun by PACKS of MONKEYS [LEMURS]. He had snacks for them!